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Board of Supervisors

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The Board of Supervisors of mostdial.comprises 3 members which include a Chairman and a representative of the employees of the Putailai Group。


Ms Fang Liu

Ms Fang Liu was appointed to the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Putailai Group in November 2015。

She has a Bachelor of Polymer Chemical Engineering degree from Beijing Chemical Fiber Engineering Institute. She is the Director of Marketing in Putailai and Deputy General Manager of Jiangxi Zichen. She previously held Vice General Manager and Deputy General Manager roles at Shanghai Shanshan Technology and Shanghai Shanshan Shuoneng. Ms Liu has extensive experience in research, development, production, sales and management of lithium-ion battery anode materials. She is one of the patent inventors of the preparation method of artificial graphite carbon anode material and artificial graphite carbon anode material.


Mr Xiaoming Wang

He was appointed to the supervisor of Putailai in November 2015.

Mr Wang got a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering from Tianjin University of Technology.

He is currently the general manager of Dongguan AMT, a subsidiary of the Company. He has served as a technician of Ningxia Majiatan Refinery, a senior engineer of Dongguan SAE and a manager of Xinwan Electronic Technology, a manager of ATL department, a consultant of Shenzhen Haiyang, and a deputy general manager of Shenzhen KatopTechnology, the general manager of Dongguan Katop. Mr Wang has lots of R&D and production process management experience in lithium-ion batteries, Separator coating and aluminium packaging films. He won a Six Sigma Black Belt award and is proficient in data analysis and advanced process technology. 


Mr Qi Fang 

He was appointed to employee representative supervisor of Putailai in November 2015.

He has a Bachelor of Engineering in Precision Instrumentation of Wuhan University and MBA from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics。 He is currently the R&D director and the Deputy General Manager of Jiangxi Zichen。 He has served as assistant engineer of Hubei Huangshi Water Supply Company, senior research and development engineer of ATL, director of Shanghai Shanshan Technology Support Center, and General Manager of Dongguan Dongbiao Technical Energy。 Mr Fang has extensive R&D, technical sales and management experience in the field of lithium-ion batteries and related materials。 He is the inventor of a number of patents related to lithium-ion batteries and materials。

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