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  • AI(Artificial Intelligient) analyse solution
AI(Artificial Intelligient) analyse solution

Solution overview

Work together with our record and stream product series, AI analyse solution puts high efficient course teaching into practice. Zigsun technology has introduced pose-varied face identification and facial expression recognition technology, the solution not only efficiently builds  up the relation between micro expression and psychological change, but also help to analyse the subjective psychological status hidden under the micro expression, ultimately analyses student’s focus level, participation and active time based on the expression changing statistic data, brings convenient for teacher to know the student status and commend the teaching process. The system will instantly pop up graphic analysis report to intuitively present teaching activities, provide objective data support.


Main feature and advantages

ST intelligent behavior analysis visual seminar teaching

Divide the teacher behavior(T) and student behavior(S) into 2 part in teaching

Reduce the fuzziness of behavior classification in the teaching process, increase the objectiveness。 Adopting visible way to study teaching, display the teaching plan and teaching results in the graphic way, with no need of complicate calculation。 This is in favor of generalization and implementation

Flanders interactive analysis

Intuitively present the teaching behavior

Based on the behavior model that is built by all kinds of teacher and student behavior in the class, we set the frequency of adopting the sample. for example, each course is around 40 minutes, 2400 second in total. Assume that the sampling happen one time per 10 second, then it would have 240 times sampling. The system can identify various behavior each time, such as teaching, blackboard writing, teaching demonstration, student answer, student reading, etc. Keep an account of the times of each behavior, to configure accurate teaching behavior data, intuitively display in the way of bar graph and pie chart.

Multimedia documentary, view the teaching data at anytime

Auto slide up the recorded video according to the teaching behavior, enable teacher watch the video at anytime with no need of manually dragging. The system can pin down the significant teaching behavior and sections, meanwile is able to provide historical data review, manage different teacher’s behavior to provide objective data support for teaching activities.

access teaching results, comprehensively analysis teaching situation

Introduce pose-varied face identification and facial expression recognition technology, efficiently establish the relationship between micro expression and psychological change, analyse subjective and objective psychological status hidden under the micro expression, eventually analyse the level of focus, participation and vitality of student towards the teaching, bring convenience for teacher know accurate student statues, have a command of teaching process and achievement          

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