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Portable recording solution

Solution overview

In order to realize the flexibility and practicality of teaching, we bring the idea of mobile design into reality. A set of portable video recording solutions is carried out. It can be built quickly in the ordinary classroom, laboratory, vocational training room, conference room, activity center and other places, serves the need of recording and live streaming. At the same time, it integrates all the advantages of our video recording system and collects the VGA signal from the computer, teacher's behavior, student's behavior in real time.


Main feature and advantages

Professional and consistent video processing scheme in the industry

Broadcasting class chip DM8168 from American TI company, built-in system, highly consistent, strong defense against virus

High quality compressing technology 

Adopting audio and visual compression technology originated from our R&D team, this technology can save up to 60% storage space at the same standard video quality, which brings wide spread and share of the education resource and video

Quickly build mobile recording classroom

Enable user quickly build recording room in ordinary classroom, laboratory, vocational training room, conference room, activity center and other mobile places to fulfil the recording needs.

Powerful integrated architecture

Adopting cutting-edge audio and visual technology, artificial intelligence and auto control as one, it can facilitate auto scene switch from teacher area, student area, blackboard writing and courseware PPT, automatically generate teaching resource, achieve recording in anytime and any place and reemerges the fully complete implementation of each teaching scene

Portable and easy operating design

Laptop design of the main body of the recording host, integrate a big display screen and professional casting keyboard, really make it easy to take away and operating

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