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Normalized Recording

  • Normalized recording solution
Normalized recording solution

Solution Overview

With regards to our comprehension of education for many years, as well as taking classroom construction costs in to fully consideration for large-scale course recording, we launched a set of normal recording solution scheme which is of simple and easy to operate, affordable and high quality. This can perfectly meet the needs of normalized day-to-day course recording.

In combination with multimedia devices such as all-in-one PC, push and pull blackboard, electronic podium, etc。, Teacher and student do not need to wear any accessory device。 The system not only can facilitate 3 scenes automatically switch, which are teachers teaching view, students panorama, courseware PPT, but also can generate HD digital video resources and automatically upload onto our resources platform for releasing。

This scheme is mainly target to primary and secondary schools, vocational training schools, universities or serving for large scale education sharing in different region, which brings more convenience to student and teacher watching live broadcasting, VOD, autonomous learning after class, after class reflection and so on.


Main feature and advantages

Normalized recording system

Teacher and student do not need to wear any accessory devices。 The system can be applied to any normal bare classroom with one key operation

Optimized recording performance

Adopt world famous broadcasting class processing chip, allow 1080 P HD video transmission under 1 Mbps bandwidth with built-in professional audio processing function

Integrate muti-function into one recording host

Embedded architecture, set the recording, live broadcasting, audio acquisition, casting and other functions in one. It has the advantage of cost saving, simple and easy to install debugging and maintain.

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