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Normalized Recording

  • Interative recording solution
Interative recording solution

solution overview

The interactive recording solution scheme sets interactive teaching, recording, live streaming, audio acquisition, feature tracking in one。 It allows all aspects of visual and audio acquisition from platform panorama, students panorama, teachers close-up, to VGA signal of A/V。 It allows synchronous live online interactive teaching, meanwhile seamlessly integrates with video conference system

 It brings teaching device, podium scene and teaching method together as to reemerge the whole vibrant course to configure normalize, automatic and intelligentize education resource constructing and management platform


The system adopts embedded Linux design, ARM+DSP embedded architecture. Taking the advantage of the cutting edge video processing technology, image recognition and tracking technology, multimedia technology, network streaming media technology, artificial intelligence and automatic control technology, it facilitates intelligent switch recording of teacher teaching, student scene, platform scene and multimedia VGA signal, automatically generate teaching resources. It unifies Teaching equipment, teaching idea and teaching method, reemerges the fully complete implementation of classroom teaching activities, brings the formation of normalized, automatic, intelligent curriculum resources development and application of the education platform.


Multi-classroom attend one class

All aspect recording the whole course

Highly compress low bandwidth smooth video streaming

Strong extension, seamless integrate with other classroom

Interaction terminal

Other brand recording classroom

Recording classroom of Zigsun technology

Interactive classroom

Mobile interaction

Long distance view and emulate

Course timetabling

Host lecturing classroom

Remote interaction

Attending classroom 1

Extended compatibility

Seamless integration


Main feature and advantages


The recording system sets recording, tracking, interaction as one, which has taken place of the traditional way of multiple equipment piling up. This has considerably reduced the probability of equipment failure and save the cost of our user.


Multi function intelligent casting

Intelligent casting allows multi channel video preview, it can facilitate auto scene switch from teacher area, student area and courseware PPT, meanwhile the system allows auto, semi-auto and manual casting in various way.


High quality compressing technology

Adopt audio and visual compressing technology originated from our independent R&D team, saving the recorded video storage space up to 60%。 Only 1 Mbps bandwidth allows 1080P HD image quality video  transmission。 This can further promote the wide spread and share of education resource and video。


Intelligent visual image recognition

Adopt the most advanced image tracking algorithm to ensure the precise position of visual image as well as the succession of each frame, making sure it is consistent and smooth.


Normalization of recording and tracking

Teacher does not have many step to operate the devise, only need to press the recording key from the controlling panel to facilitate full automatic recording, casting and scene switch, so as to realize normalized teaching。

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