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  • Education resource management platform
Education resource management platform

Solution overview

A set of education resource management platform solutions launched by the cloud + end approach。 The solution adopts information technology such as the cloud computing, big data, mobile communications, contains a video sharing portal, 10 application, 5 system, storage space management。 It organically combines resource management, interactive teaching, teaching evaluation and the actual teaching learning process, serves the needs of the centralized control of school infomatization resources, unified backstage supervision of teaching quality, realizes the synchronous interactive teaching, educational counterpart aid, "a teacher with a quality lesson, a Lesson with a master teacher", micro class teaching, teacher development, mobile learning and more; The overall solution also brings education administrators, teachers, parents and students a multi-dimensional interactive education platform。

Main feature and advantages


Multi function and easy to use

Cover all the mainstream teaching activities, based on B/S architechture,adopted modular design, simple to operate


Open interface platform, interconnect with users

Support HTTP, RTSP, RTMP and more streaming video input protocol, connect with all kinds of terminal, can be used cross platform also is compatible with other third party。


Big data intelligent video analyse

Support S-T(Student-Teacher) module analyse,       intuitively analyse student and teacher interaction behaviour in the graphical way, intelligently evaluate the teaching method to promote optimized model of teaching

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