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Normalized Recording

  • Regional education resource cloud platform solution
Regional education resource cloud platform solution

Solution overview

To solve the problem now existing in some region such as uneven education resource, inconvenience of appraising teaching performance offline, inconvenience of superior institution managing resource, Zigsun has launched a regional education resources platform solutions. Based on various school-level resource platforms, this solution adopts cloud computing, big data analysis and other technologies to automatically gather high-quality resources of each school to the resource center, so as to realize the co-construction of regional resources. When teachers and students are using our recording and streaming systems, they can find corresponding resources in the resource center and make use of it, as to o explore, innovate and integrate resources, display and utilize the high-quality education resources in the region, thus improving the balanced development of education level in the region.

Main feature and advantages


Automatically manage the high quality teaching resource in each school to realize regional education resource share and construction


Powerful search function, support fuzzy search, presice search and more, improve the frequency use of the resource


Closs platform connect to multiple terminal, including PC, mobile phone, PAD, etc。 The recored video can be VOD and learn at any time, accelerate the balance development of regional teaching and learning。

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