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Normalized Recording

  • Digital court solution scheme
Digital court solution scheme

Solution overview

The digital court meets the requirements of open, fair, efficient, real and transparent court trial. With the aid of modern scientific and technical equipment, it can automatically record the whole process of court trial, and can collect, store, video and replay the audio and video information in real time, and watch the remote VOD and live video. Achieve remote interaction, etc., to present the whole process of the court trial.

Main feature and advantages


Self-developed Image compressing technology, saving storage space but

Also have better image quality,

Adopt self optimized H.264 High Profile coding technology, the storage space is considerably reduced not at the expense of the image quality. Saving up to 60% of storage space to record, it can still transmit HD image quality at 512 kbps bandwidth, more suitable for the storage and transmission of the recording host


Innovate anti shaking technology, better smooth footage switching

Adopt most professional TI company DaVinci video processing scheme, set recording live streaming, casting, storage, mixing audio and video, seamless switching, encoding as one, more fluent switching


Fully auto ultrasonic positioning and tracking system

With no need of manual control, be on duty, the system is able to track the speaker’s voice and image

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