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  • Internet of Things(IoT)Recording Studio Solution
Internet of Things(IoT)Recording Studio Solution

Solution Overview


Direct to the key demand of infomationization of teaching in vocational school, we launch a set of a Iot recording and live streaming solution scheme, it is in use of hardware compressing coding technology developed by our R&D team to complete real time acquisition and compression of audio and video signal various from teacher video, computer VGA signal, to transmit manage control in the way of standardized streaming media, to realize VOD live streaming, broadcasting, storage and post editing in various of way.

Main feature and advantages


The sensing technology of the Internet of things, precisely tracking and position

Adopting the sensor measurement technology of internet of things, the tracking host can calculate and analyse by connecting to the IoT sensor module. Base on the IoT sensor analyse technology, it can precisely position teacher and it allows multi camera working together with linkage effect, eliminate the camera dilatory, to fulfill zero garbage footage it has multipoint tracking


Visual compressing technology originated from our R&D team, saving the storage space but also has better image quality

Adopt self optimized H.264 High Profile coding technology, the storage space is considerably reduced not at the expense of the image quality. Saving up to 60% of storage space to record, it can still transmit HD image quality at 512 kbps bandwidth, more suitable for the storage and transmission of the recording host


Innovate anti shaking technology, better smooth footage switching

Adopt most professional TI DaVinci video processing scheme, set recording live streaming, casting, storage, mixing audio and video, seamless switching, encoding as one, more fluent switching


One key away from micro class, intelligently pick up the knowledge point

Teacher is able to operate the control panel by one key to complete micro class recording with any help from casting personnel, automatically record HD micro course, automatically recording the full length of the micro course, unique virtual slicing function, pick up each of the correlated time point from the PPT knowledge point, display micro course through humanized VOD interface



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