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Normalized Recording

  • Campus TV solution scheme
Campus TV solution scheme

Scheme overview

The core of this scheme is to build an integrated virtual studio which is suitable for Campus characteristic need, in use of the the steaming media to collect front-end equipment, casting, matting, virtual broadcasting, live streaming and other function, to build a full function studio to facilitate campus based education resources, high-quality courses recording, campus live streaming, contingent teaching with the personalized needs of the school.

3D reality rendering engine excellent rendering effect

Adopt professional visual rendering workshop, facilitate real time rendering for complicate 3D scene, highly efficient and reliable


Top rank audio and video card,high precision keying effect

High-spec broadcasting video processing card,4K UHD visual capturing care, deploy top rank built-in keying algorithm, rendering clear front scene host, with gentle edge and seamless integrate with the virtual background


Multi camera stand multi special effect switch

Set multi camera stand without use of the outer equipment, and can swiftly switch adopt 3D reality trackless virtual technique, easy to implement footage push and pull, to realize fancy rocker effect


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