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Normalized Recording

  • Mobile interconnected platform solution
Mobile interconnected platform solution

Scheme overview

With the acceleration of the development of educational informationization, users have increasingly needs towards the convenience of using resources. For example, an educational administrator might hopes to patrol course activities through mobile terminal equipment, Teacher may wish to complete online teaching exchanges through mobile terminal devices; parents may wish to complete remote parents' meetings through mobile terminal devices; students hope to move through mobile terminals. In order to complete the online lectures and so on, in view of the above needs, purple Xu technology has launched a mobile Internet platform solution. Relying on the education cloud platform and the mobile Internet technology, the scheme makes education mobile and convenient become a reality.

Watch the class with your every move

Watch live streaming class or recorded video through our mobile app, learn at anytime and anywhere, parents is able to participate in efficiently, lift up their satisfaction level, raise the brand awareness of the school


Interaction classroom on your phone

Teacher and parents who observes the class can interact with the live streaming classroom. As a innovative interaction method, it creates dynamic teaching atmosphere


Mobile phone parent’s meeting

Parents can attend the parent’s meeting, this solution breaks the limit of space and time, actualizes interaction between teacher and parents。

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